Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cabinet Trim and Painting

Last Saturday, Andrew and I took the day off. We had intended to work the whole day, but Andrew hadn't had a day off since before the Blitz and we all needed to spend some time together as a family. We slept in and then actually did go over to the construction site because it was the construction supervisor's last day and we had a little gift for him. Mike had been filling in for Joe for the last two weeks while Joe was on vacation and we had gotten to know Mike pretty well over those two weeks. We made him a little framed picture of our family that said Thank You. Even though we didn't work that day, we wanted to go over and give him that gift. He was very touched by the gift and we were glad we gave it to him.

The next work day was Tuesday, and Joe was back. When I arrived, I saw what had been accomplished on Saturday, the day we took off. Volunteers had built our gate and fence so our yard is now enclosed! Its feeling more and more done!

I worked all day with a volunteer named Rob, who's a handy man. He helped me trim my cabinets. There was a lot of unfinished wood showing around the edges and we added corner trim, toe kick and scribe moulding to make everything look finished. Here is a before and after picture. can see the raw wood underneath more raw wood, and there is scribe moulding around the wall to make it look finished
I also put in a tiny bit of base board that was missing in a small corner near the kitchen pantry. I didn't take a picture, but figuring out the angle to cut that was a challenge. Rob helped me figure it out though.

Today, I was going to work in the morning with Andrew, but he woke up with a migraine, so I went to the construction site by myself. I spent the whole day painting my kitchen/dining room ceiling. I noticed a line between the kitchen and the dining room and I thought that the dining room just needed another coat of paint, but I found out that the line was just the difference between the semi-gloss they used in the kitchen and a flat paint they used in the dining room. Several people told me that that was standard....really? Do people really have lines down the middle of their ceiling like that? I couldn't live with it, so I painted the whole thing all the same paint. I actually used white instead of the off white that it was and that the walls are. I think it will look nice once I take down the plastic and the blue painters tape. I left it up in case I need to do another coat on Friday.

All done
I'm glad tomorrow is a day off. I'm tired. We are getting closer with our hours. Only 51 left. We have to take a home buyers education class on September 10th and we'll get credit for 16 hours that day, so we really only have 35 hours left. We'll be done by next week! Now we're just waiting to hear if they'll start escrow for us so we can hurry up and move in! We are so ready!!

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