Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blitz Build Day 3

First of all, today we passed the half way mark of our 500 Sweat Equity hours. Only 230 left to go!
I brought Bobbie with me today because I didn't have a babysitter and it turned out pretty good to have her there. Actually, everyone LOVED having a baby around. I mean, who wouldn't, with a perfect and adorable baby like her! I can talk like that since I'm her mama! :)
Anyway, she was great! We hung out in the food tent all day talking to volunteers and Habitat employees. We did get to walk through our house a couple times today to see the progress too. I took some video and will post that a little later tonight or tomorrow if we can figure out how to do it.
In the mean time, let me tell you the progress from today....
Overnight, the crew finished all the drywalling and texturized the walls. This morning they started on painting the inside. There were also a lot of guys working on the siding and the stucco.
By the middle of the day, the cabinets were being installed, the siding and stucco were nearly completed and they were preparing to tile the countertops and floors and install the carpet.
I took the video at that point in the day. I'll post still shots here.

Bobbie was such a good girl today!

She made everyone that saw her happy!

View of our street from the cul-de-sac

Here's our house

Stucco and siding well underway

kitchen cabinets being installed

The garage

a guy caulking the door into our dining room from the garage.

Kitchen again

Bobbie's future bedroom (sorry about the bad angle of the worker! :/ )

Laundry Closet, this guy is sanding the bifold doors

Downstairs bathroom
The white tile was a surprise today!

Downstairs bathroom tub/shower
Don't know why there's nasty green water in the tub though...

Our future bedroom
(again, sorry about the guy.....I wasn't thinking about his angle when I  took the picture...)

Kitchen pantry!! I have a pantry!!

Kitchen looking back into the dining room

Living room closet/coat closet. The wall on the left is the stairwell wall

Living Room

Other side of the living room

Front Door with pretty fixtures


Goin' Up

Upstairs HUGE patio

Upstairs bathroom

Looking back into the big patio

Upstairs bedroom
We'll probably make this an office for now

Balcony off the upstairs bedroom
There's a nice view and an even nicer breeze!

Upstairs bedroom closet

Going down the stairs

Before I left tonight, I snuck in for a few more pictures. The tile in the kitchen is done....again, a surprise to be getting white tile. The pantry had shelving and there were cabinets installed up above where the refrigerator is going.

Where that guy's head is sticking up is a bar area :)

Pantry with shelving!

and the cabinets above where the fridge will be
It was a long day, since I was there the whole day. Tomorrow I'll teach piano in the afternoon so I'll just be at the jobsite in the morning. 

I asked what the progress of tonight would be and the carpet and floor tile will be done, the outside will be painted and all that will be left for tomorrow will be finishing the bathrooms with sinks and toilets, fixtures installed, and final plumbing and electrical things. They want to finish tomorrow, a day early! We'll see what happens!!!

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