Saturday, August 20, 2011

We passed 400!!!

Today we passed 400 hours!!! Less than 100 to go. The end is in sight!
We worked on a bunch of little things today. Andrew finished installing the anti-tip bracket for the stove, I stained my vent cover over the kitchen cabinet, Andrew put waterproof caulk around the tubs, showers, and kitchen sink. I used the same caulk to cover up cracks in the grout on the counter tops, I installed a plate to cover the sewer hole in the laundry area, I scraped excess caulk off of some door rails, I cleaned off overspray....There are still lots of little things to do.We spent some time talking with our new neighbors too and getting to know them and also things about the houses on our street.
I also was given an informative lecture on the sewer system of our house. I now know where the sewer lines run, and where someone would access them if they ever got clogged or backed up. I also learned that on the cement, out by the street on the sidewalk (its probably like this at your house too) you'll see an "S" or a "W" etched into the cement. The "S" stands for sewer and the "W" stands for water. If you look onto your property from where those letters are, you'll see the holes for those two lines. :) Huh! Who would've thunk? Well, maybe you all already knew all that.....I'm pretty ignorant, but very glad that I'm learning!!!

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