Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blitz Build Day 4

Our house is DONE! a day early!! Swinerton Homes built our house in 4 days.....from the ground up. Its unreal. Monday morning, there was nothing there, and right now, at this very moment, there is a completed home on the slab of concrete. Amazing!
Tomorrow afternoon is the House Blessing ceremony where we'll get to thank everyone for all their generosity and hard work. We'll receive our keys and cut the ceremonial red ribbon! So exciting.

But I worked in the morning installing doorknobs throughout the house next door to ours.

By the way, in case you've been wondering why Andrew and I haven't actually worked on our own house, its because a professional builder built our house. They hired all professional sub contractors to build our house and we would've totally slowed down the work if they had to teach us how to do something. All these guys went in there and did a perfect job on everything. We just watched it all come together miraculously. In the meantime, we worked on other houses on the job site to fulfill our sweat equity.
So, today I installed doorknobs. I was briefly instructed on how to do so and then left to do it.....I followed this instructions exactly how I thought I'd been told, starting on the closet door for the under- stairs storage area. When I had the whole thing done, I shut the door to test it.....and I couldn't open the door......I'd screwed up somehow....I struggled to pull open the door and it just wouldn't open. I found the superintendent who had put me on the job and showed him and he also couldn't open the door......he asked me a couple questions about which side the screws were on, and told me to move on to another door and he'd figure out how to get the door open. I apologized and moved on....feeling really stupid for messing up so badly. I thought they were going to have to break the door off.....Oh man, I felt bad.
So I moved on and had much better success with all the other doors. They all worked...haha, but a little while later I was telling another superintendent what had happened with my first door and we walked over and tried to open the door.....then another superintendent came over and was trying to figure it out....none of them could figure it of the jokingly said, "well, this is your house now!" I felt like I had won the award for stumping the superintendents for the day!
Thankfully, the first superintendent knew what to do (the old credit card trick) and they got the door open and fixed the was kind of embarrassing, but funny and something I can tell the homeowners whenever they move it :)

My sweet, hardworking husband worked all day on the same house setting tile on the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. He's amazing and now knows how to tile and how to install cabinets....since he finished that in that same house yesterday.

Tonight, we did a walk through of our house and its done. There are some minor cleanup things to finish, but for the most part, its a completed house. These are some pictures from this morning before the sinks and appliances were installed, but you can get an idea. Tomorrow I'll post completed pictures :)

The scaffolding was being taken down

the downstairs bathroom....tile is done

Andrew in the closet of Bobbie's new room

Bobbie's new room again

Our new room

Andrew in the closet of our new room


Guy installing shelves in my new huge pantry

Our side/back yard

This was a surprise.....fancy new kitchen sink faucet! With removable sprayer head :D

Living room looking down into the kitchen and dining room


more stairs

Our big upstairs patio

Andrew's pipe smoking area :)

Upstairs bedroom with balcony

Andrew in the closet of the upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bathroom

Going down the stairs

Our new AC

Later on in the morning, the scaffolding was almost all the way down and you could begin to see what the house was really going to look like.

And here its all the way down. The truck in the driveway is the garage door installers

 And here's a picture of one of the doors I successfully installed doorknobs to.....

Phew.....its been a long week. Tomorrow will be amazing. We can't wait for the house dedication! A perfect ending to a perfect week! God is so good!!!

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