Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blitz Build Day 2

Today, I started the day with a tour of our new house. I'd like to take you on it! Let me tell you first though, that when I stepped into the house, I lost my breath. I was so overcome and everything hit me in that moment. This is MY house! Oh Praise God!!!
Front Window

Front Door

Living room to the right, kitchen and dining room straight ahead

Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs bedroom #1

Downstairs Bedroom #2

Laundry room

Bedroom Closet

Bedroom window

Downstairs bedroom again


Better picture of the garage

Slider into our side/backyard


Our huge upstairs patio

upstairs bedroom

upstairs bathroom

Balcony off the upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bedroom closet

Our yard

getting ready for siding

After my breathtaking tour, I had to do some work.....I didn't want to be loitering around my house all day ...well, I did......but I shouldn't :)
I went over to the other house being built by the Habitat construction team and filled holes with fire retardant foam.....pretty nasty stuff.....it got on my skin and won't come off without pulling my skin right off! Yikes. Hopefully it'll wear off in a few days.

I left around lunch time and this is the state of the outside of our house. Its looking more and more like a house....and bigger and bigger every time I see it!

Then, I came back to the jobsite at the end of the day today and found my house looking like this!!! The Black sections will be stucco and the wood will be covered with siding. Get ready for the tour from the end of today! All the insulation and drywall was done on the inside. So much change in only 1 short day!!


Living Room

Living Room again

Downtairs Bathroom

Downstairs Bedroom

My mom in our dining room looking down into the kitchen

Front entry

I didn't take as many pictures tonight because there was a lot of loud construction going on in the house and I felt in the way of the fast paced work going on. All the guys are wonderful though. They know that they are building the house for us. They told me I'm welcome to walk through whenever I want and to take as many pictures as I wanted....because this is my house!!

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!!!

Oh, P.S. We've almost maxed out our friends and family hours. We're allowed 125 and we have 123 as of today!!! Whooo!!! Tomorrow morning we will have all those completed!!

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