Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Work Day, Tuesday

Today, Andrew and I worked a full day. We arrived at 8:15 a.m. After the morning meeting, we started working on Lot 3. Andrew was nailing 16 penny (really thick, heavy) nails into studs and shear walls. I tried that, but the nails are very hard to nail in, so I was reassigned the task of nailing nail plates into studs, which was much easier. Nail plates go into the studs wherever there is wiring or plumbing going through the stud. It protects against someone driving a nail right through and puncturing the wires or pipes or whatever. 
This is the stud with the wire going through it

and now it has a nail plate to protect the wire. 

Andrew was learning how to read the plans of the house so he would know where to put all those heavy nails

After we finished with the nailing, we did a walk-through of our house with the construction superintendent and made a check list of things that need to be finished on our house. I already had seen 4 or 5 things, but after the walk through, there were about 50 things! I'm glad he walked through with us because he knew what to look for! I know we'll be finishing the remainder of our sweat equity hours on our own house now!! I'm really excited about that!! 
We went to lunch, and when we came back we started working on our house. We tightened all the cabinet doors and then Andrew turned two of the kitchen cabinet door around so they opened the other way. I helped him by measuring :)

Meanwhile, over on Lot 1, they started framing the walls. I captured a picture of the first wall going up! Pretty awesome. It took everyone holding it up!

Whoo hoo! Its great to see the progress! It will be nice to have all the houses on the street at least started and no more concrete slabs just sitting and waiting.

At the end of the day we had completed 15.5 hours for a total of 378 hours! By the end of the week, we should be passed 400 hours. I know the last 100 hours will fly by. Move in time is so close!!!

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