Friday, August 19, 2011

Work Day, Friday

This morning I went to work on our house early. I arrived at 8:15 and checked out the grout. Everything dried very nicely and the sealer did a great job with only 1 coat. I don't need to do any other coats. I know because when I try to do another coat, it just beads up and nothing will absorb into the grout. That's good! A blessing that I don't need to do another coat! I did do another coat on the counter tops though, for good measure. Since its so white, I want it to stay as white as can be. :)
I needed to change out the doorknobs in the bedrooms today. Apparently, its required that all bedrooms have privacy (locking) doorknobs and the builders put passage (non-locking) doorknobs on. I put in 3 hours this morning bringing our running total to 394 hours. Tomorrow Andrew and I are going to both work and get at least 12 hours together.....which means.....we will have more than 400 hours by the end of the week!!! We met our weekly goal!!! It was hard, but we did it. Moving day is getting closer and closer!!!

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