Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Day, Wednesday

I am T.I.R.E.D. I worked the whole day today (8-3:15) and Andrew worked the morning shift since he had to work tonight. My hubby is probably way more tired, since he had to go to work and I just got to come home afterwards. I'm married to such a hard worker who is definitely committed to his family! I love him!
Anyway....We both got to work on our house this morning. We have such a big check list of things that need to be done to finish the house that I know we will be working on our own house from now on.
I tackled a big job today. I had to caulk all the baseboards between the baseboard and the tile floor. I did that for a few reasons.... 1) so little critters can't crawl in from under the baseboards, 2) so it looks better....before I did it, there was an uneven shadow all along the floor and it was very apparent, and 3) so that when I mop the floors, water doesn't settle in there. (that was my mom's imput. Good call, Mom!)
"Before" shot. See the shadow?

"After" shot. No more shadow!

It took me 6 hours to caulk all of the floors. The majority of the downstairs is tile, so I did most of the work down there. I only had the bathroom upstairs to do. It was a huge job, but I'm really glad its done and my baseboards are I need to seal my floors...the grout. The tile guys didn't seal any of our grout so my next huge project is to seal all of the floor grout. I'm hoping to do that either tomorrow or Friday.
Today, Andrew installed the latch locks on the screen doors, upstairs and downstairs. He also started installing the anti-tip device for the stove.....don't know what that is?? Well, its a bracket that is screwed into the floor and then the stove is slipped into the bracket so that when the oven door is open, and something heavy is placed on the door, the stove won't rock or tip forward.
That task proved to be a lot harder than it looked and he'll have to finish it on Saturday.
That silver U-shaped bracket is the anti-tip device. 

Today we completed 11 hours together. We're chipping away at our remaining sweat equity hours. I have a feeling though that we'll finish our hours and still have things to finish. Its ok though. We just want to move into our house! These long work day away from Bobbie are waring on me and on her. Please pray for us. We are really hoping to finish our hours in a few weeks. Once we're moved in, Bobbie will be so much happier, not having to be away from Mommy so much. And Mommy will be happier too :)
I do love all of the things I'm learning. I see it as very valuable and I don't want to complain. I know its all worth it in the end.

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