Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The finished product

Today I put in 3.5 sweat equity hours. It was the first day back for everyone today, even the superintendent, so a lot of "stuff" was left from last week's Blitz that needed to be finished as far as cleanup. We spent the morning cleaning and organizing to get the job site back to its normal working order. I did take some time to take pictures of the mostly final product of our house. I think you'll enjoy them!

366 Libby Village Way - Our complete home!

Our front entry with our lime tree in the foreground

Front entry from the living room

Living Room looking into the kitchen

My Kitchen

My large pantry I keep talking about :)

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bedroom with balcony

My laundry more laundramat for me!!!!

Downstairs Bathroom

Bobbie's Bedroom

Our Bedroom

We already feel like this is home. Its hard to come back to our apartment. We are hoping to finish all of our sweat equity hours in the next 4 weeks and move in around the same time. We'll see if we can speed things us that much. It felt good to be back to the job site today. I plan to be there everyday its open and maybe some other days as well. I just want to be in my house! I love it so much and am so very grateful everyday for what the Lord has given us! To God be the glory!!

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