Friday, August 12, 2011

We are Lot 4

Today, Andrew and I worked 3.5 hours in the morning. We were asked to take down the security camera and wiring that was set up for the Blitz. It took us a couple of hours to get all that done, then we were asked to start on the framing of the garage on Lot 3.
Here's a explanation of the lot numbers/homes in Libby Village: In 2008, Habitat began the Libby Village build. They started from scratch....I mean there wasn't even a street called Libby Village Way before they came in. They began building homes at the beginning of the street, then paved the street and added the cul-de-sac and common area at the end of the street. However, they numbered the lots from the end of the street (the cul-de-sac). There are 20 homes on our street and the build began in 2008 with Lot 20 and on down.
Today, there are 15 homes completed and owned and lived in by families like us. They are all living in Lots 6-20. The final 5 homes (Lots 1-5) are what are in the construction site area. Lot 6 is about 3 feet away from the construction site....separated only by a chain link fence that locks at the end of a work day.

The home on Lot 5 is mostly completed, but no family has been chosen for that house. Its a three bedroom, two bath house with a one car garage. Our house is on Lot 4, a three bedroom, two bath house with a two car, tandem garage. Lot 3 has been framed and has house wrap around the outside. (the blue paper that goes under the siding or the stucco) It is about ready to be insulated on the inside and then drywalled. This is the house Andrew and I worked on today, framing the garage door opening.  It is a four bedroom, two bath house with a two car, tandem garage. No family has been chosen for that house yet. Lot 2 was the other house built in the Blitz and the family for that house has been chosen. They are the Presley family and we've worked along side them for a few weeks, getting to know them. Their house is a four bedroom, two bath house with a two car, tandem garage. Lot 1 still looks like a slab of cement, although lumber arrived today for the framing to begin on that house. There is currently no family for that home either. That house will be a four bedroom, two bath house with a two car, tandem garage.

All the houses on Libby Village Way are on the same side of the street, all facing west. The other side of the street is parallel parking spots. As I've said, the end of the street is a cul-de-sac with a nice common area. There will be a basket ball hoop with a few picnic tables. There is a large grassy area and a very large covered area that may turn into a BBQ/picnic area down the road. Since the building project started at the beginning of the street and has worked its way down, the common area is inside the construction area and therefore not usable by the residents that already live on Libby Village Way. They are all anxious for the build to be completed so that they can use the area. There is already a block party being planned for September when the whole street can get together and get to know us, the new residents in the cul-de-sac. The construction will probably not be done, but they will be allowed to use the area.

We've been told that if we finish our hours, close escrow and are given our certificate of occupancy before the final phase of construction is completed, they will move the construction site area down so that it will only include Lots 1-3. In that case, we would be the house 3 feet away from the construction site only separated by a chain link fence. We don't mind though. They won't disturb us!

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