Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Delay in completing our hours

Bobbie got sick on Labor day and had a fever all night and all day on Tuesday. I wanted to stay home with her since she was just so clingy and she had a hard time sleeping. She's much better today, no more fever and she's got her personality back, but I thought it best to stay home one more day just to make sure.
So, because of that, we haven't completed our 17 hours we wanted to finish this week. I may go and work on Friday morning and get some hours in.
Andrew and I are required to take a Home Buyers Education Class that will be held on Saturday. Its a real snoozer class, I hear, and we have to pay for it, but we're getting 16 sweat equity hours for it.
I think if Bobbie's all better, we should be done with our hours next week.
I'll keep my hours updated on the sidebar of the blog.

We are still waiting to hear if Habitat will open escrow for us. I should hear back today, since they were supposed to have a meeting today to decide when they would be able to do that. If they are able to open escrow, we should be able to move in in at least 30 days.....that's what we are praying for! You can pray too!! and I'll let you know what they decided today in the meeting.

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