Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday we received word that we should be able to move into our house in the next 40 days or so. Our house should pass inspections and be given a Certificate of Occupancy next Friday, the 16th (Bobbie's 9 month birthday) and then we can give our 30 day notice here at our apartment and begin the escrow process. We are hoping that we can move into our house before our 30 days is up in the apartment, just so we can have time to move over a few days, or weeks, rather than all in one day or weekend.
If not, we will still be able to move into our house in the middle of October, which is GREAT news!! We're so excited, and so ready!!

Today, we met with an interior designer who helped us choose paint colors for the house. We are excited to paint our walls and get the house ready for move in!
Bobbie's room will have one wall painted a soft pink color.
Our bedroom will have one wall a plum color and the rest a light silver/grey.
The kitchen will be a golden tuscan yellow.
The living room will stay the vanilla color it is, but we're painting the wall that the stairs are on a dark greyish earth-toney brown.
I got some good advice about the laundry area and pantry too. Inside closet areas like that, you should paint the walls a dark color. It makes the walls recede and then you can see your food in the pantry or the clothes in the laundry area better. If you keep the walls white or whatever light color they are, especially if the area has a light in it, all the stuff (like your cans and food) get all lost and look like a big chaotic mess. So, I'm going to use whatever left over paint there is that is darker than the walls to paint inside my pantry and inside the laundry closet. I'll post pictures after the fact so you can see if you agree with the interior designer. :)

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