Saturday, July 30, 2011

Help Us Build Our House!

A few people have asked for more information about the Blitz build August 1-5 and how they can help. I wanted to post the information so everyone can know and come help if they can.

Blitz Build Location: Libby Village Way, Oceanside CA
Parking is off site, across North River Road in the auction lot adjacent to the storage place. You can get there from Calle Montecito. Wednesday, the parking will be different as the auctions take place on Wednesdays. I can give more details about that to you personally if you plan to come on Wednesday.

Volunteer Hours: 6am-6pm Monday - Thursday
                            6am-2pm Friday.
On Friday at 2pm there will be a house dedication ceremony.

Jobs to do: Although a lot of construction will be going on this week, we cannot guarantee that you will        
get to actually build. There are lots of other kinds of jobs to help with that keep the construction site going 24 hours for that 5 day period. Habitat of Humanity will be providing 3 meals a day and a snack for all the workers, so food service help will be needed. There will also be clean-up and organizational jobs around the jobsite just to keep things running smoothly. There are two other houses besides ours being completed during the blitz, so there may be construction type jobs available on those houses as well. No matter what job you get assigned, if you are there working for us, we'll get credit.

Important Note: If you'd like to help, please contact Andrew or me so that we can tell the superintendent how many to expect each day. We cannot have people just dropping by. There is a risk waiver and a sign in sheet that all volunteers have to sign as well.

Thank you for all your support. We are so blessed that the Lord is providing in this way for us. We are blown away by how He has gone before us and hand selected so many details. He chose the perfect floor plan for us, the perfect lot number and I know, the perfect neighbors. We have no doubt that he has also hand selected each friend that will come to help us as well. We hope to see lots of you there next week!

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