Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 2 --- clean-up and set-up for the Blitz

Oh yeah, I got to use a power tool!
The cable protector we put together

Yesterday (Tuesday) I worked on the job site for a little over 3 hours. I was hoping to do some painting, but I was put on clean-up duty. First, I was put on a team with another future homeowner, Nicole...she'll be living two doors down from us with her husband and three kids that she homeschools. On our team was also Nicole's friend Erica and Andrew for an hour. He had to go to work, but wanted to put in an hour of sweat equity before going to work. We had to lay out some cable protectors across the street so all the trucks could safely drive over the power cords and cables. That happens to be harder than it looks.....those pieces are really heavy and they DO NOT fit together like puzzle pieces....we were jumping on them to get them to fit....but we successfully laid two rows of them.
Look at my man's muscles!

After that, we picked up some brooms and went to work sweeping out the gutters and moving debris. There has been a lot of accumulated sawdust, dirt, leaves and dust settling into crevasses and corners that needed to be cleaned out. We had to move a bunch of wet sand bags which unearthed a lot of black widow spiders one got bit, but it was a little scary.

Today, Andrew and I worked together for the morning. We started by walking the neighborhoods on either side of our new street leaving courtesy notices about all the construction that will be going on next week during the Blitz. There will be construction going on 24 hours for 5 days, although they will be doing quiet activities between 10pm and 7am. The notice just let the neighbors know what to expect.

When we finished with that, we were given the task of figuring out how to mount a camera to the top of one of the storage sheds so that they can film the progress of the Blitz week. Andrew figured out that we should mount the camera to a saw horse and secure the saw horse to the top of the storage shed in front of our soon-to-be house. 

It was a little scary climbing a ladder that high. Andrew climbed it carrying the very heavy saw horse....crazy! But now its all set up and Habitat will be filming the whole thing....maybe we'll get to see a timelaps video of the progress once its all done!

This is our foundation and electrical only a few short days, it will be our house! We took this picture from on top of the storage shed that the video camera will be mounted to.....looks like its the perfect spot to watch our house go up!

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