Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday!! Blitz Week is only 3 days away!!

We had an early morning today, starting off with a filling, healthy breakfast of oatmeal and smoothies.

Bobbie always tries to get my cup and eat it, silly girl!

Today's tasks included more caulking. The house we worked on today is close to being done. It will be finished next week during the Blitz. Today we finished caulking the exterior and preped it for painting.

 The caulking today was a lot scarier because we needed to be high up on the scaffolding to reach the second story.  Check out how high up I was when I took this picture. Can you see the wheelbarrow on the ground behind my brother...and there was another level higher than that!                                                              

Andrew got to help the IT guy set up the camera that will be documenting the whole build. He was splicing wires when I found him for this picture.

At the end of the work day, (lunchtime for us because Andrew had to work this afternoon) we had completed 63 sweat equity hours. Thanks again to my brother for working 3 hours today with us! We are so excited to go into next week with 63 hours under our belt. Starting on Monday, we will be getting DOUBLE HOURS! Even if our friends and family work, we get double credit for them too, so PLEASE come help us!! Andrew is taking the week off of work and plans to work 12 hour days at the jobsite and I'm planning on working every morning. We hope to get 150 hours done between us next week and if we have enough friends and family come, we can reach our maximum friends and family hours of 125 which will being us well over half of our 500 hours!!

Our house is getting pre-framed. The framing is being done today and tomorrow so on Monday morning they'll start off by raising the walls! We can't wait to see it!!!
Our house is getting framed!

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  1. Thank you, Amy, for these posts and keeping everyone "in-the-know"!! this is SOOOO exciting!