Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing "The Waiting Game"

During the time we were putting in our sweat equity hours, we had hopes that once we finished our hours, escrow would start and we'd be able to move in. Ideally, this is what Habitat would have wanted too, but just like most things in life, the ideal situation did not happen.

We finished our sweat equity hours two weeks ago, with the expectation that escrow would open two days later....but they decided that they needed new appraisals on the house because the last appraisals were over a year old and Habitat wanted the most accurate numbers to determine our buy price. We were told they should have the numbers in by last friday, September 30th and then they would be able to determine our buy price and we would give our 30 days notice at our apartment. Friday came and the appraisals didn't come in, so we are still waiting, hoping the appraisals will come in on Monday.

Thankfully, our escrow may only be a couple of weeks. We don't have any bank loans and paperwork along those lines, which is usually what takes the longest in escrow. We just have the escrow papers that need to be signed by us, and the city and the escrow people....I don't really understand it all yet, but I understand that escrow should be short which is good news to me.

We're still hoping to move into our house this month. We pray that everything that needs to happen in the next few days to make that possible, does happen. Please pray with us!

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